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Workshops + Talks

Alex has facilitated sensory food education workshops in schools since 2019 and has developed his unique range of workshops.

If you're interested in booking Alex for a workshop or talk, please click below to enquire.

Young Bristol

'Growing + Cooking' workshops with local youth club charity Young Bristol were a huge success during the government's Holiday Activity and Food Programme over the summer of 2023.

Young people got the chance to learn about the importance of soil. We learnt about what it is, how we can look after it, and even got hands-on with various natural soil enhancers. Young people then got to plant their very own seeds in the soil mixture we prepared.

This was followed by young people getting to make their own food. We worked with leftover produce from FareShare to make homemade pizzas, coleslaw, and much more!

PHOTO-2023-08-02-17-42-30 16.jpg
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