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Circular Food Solutions

Food waste is a real issue. If your business produces food waste, we can help. 

Food waste isn't wasted until it's wasted.

All food contains essential nutrients, organic matter, and life. This is often lost within our current linear food system. At 50 Ways To Cook, we aim to create local circular food systems. This means all waste is captured and kept within the system to ensure nothing is lost.

Closed Loop Circular Food Waste Solutions

Why us?​


Currently, when Bristol food waste is separated and collected, it is taken for anaerobic digestion in Avonmouth, where it is turned into biogas and solid digestate. This is certainly better than landfill, but what if we captured all these resources right within the city? What if we went one step further?

At 50 Ways To Cook, we champion Circular Food.

Circular Food

Food waste doesn't need to travel miles, it can be composted right in our city!

Unlike anaerobic digestion, composting retains the nutrients, organic matter, and life which is essential for regenerating urban soil and improving biodiversity right on our doorstep. 

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