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Employee Wellbeing Schemes

Are you looking for a unique employee well-being scheme?

What can be included?


Natural Grow Kits

Add some wholesomeness to your employees' routines with no experience needed.


The Natural Grow Kit contains everything needed from seed to harvest. Simple instructions are included to guide you through growing the best fresh fruit, veg, and herbs to nourish people and planet


Workshops on Circular Food related topics include but not limited to:

  • Planting the Natural Grow Kit

  • Food 'waste' + the circular economy

  • Composting + soil health

  • Growing + planting

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Bespoke Offering

Whether it's something specific, or an undefined project, if you are looking for something unique, Alex is always up for new challenges.  


Previous collaborations


We The Curious

Alex delivered his first one-and-a-half-hour sensory Circular Food workshops at the Festival for our Future with We The Curious.

These involved discussing food and food waste before diving into the concept of Circular Food and the wonder of composting!

Attendees got hands-on with various composting methods, mixed up their own compost with Alex's Natural Soil Enhancer, and planted up seeds with the Natural Grow Kit.


Young Bristol

Alex created and delivered bespoke 'Growing + Cooking' workshops with local youth club charity Young Bristol as part of the government's Holiday Activity and Food Programme.

Young people learned about what soil is and how we can care for it with various natural soil enhancers. Young people got to plant their very own seeds in the soil mixture we prepared.

This was followed by young people making their own food using surplus produce from FareShare to make homemade pizzas, coleslaw, and much more!



Alex delivered an adapted Circular Food workshop for Babbasa at their MendEarth Bristol event, helping 15-30 year olds become more confident to move into work, education, or business. 

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