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Spinach Leaves


Our current food systems aren't working with nature...


50 Ways To Cook is on a mission to change this. 


My mission is to inspire and empower people to make informed choices about their food. This looks like more people growing their own food by providing the highest quality sustainable products and services possible. 

How will we do this?

  1. Grow more food in urban areas

  2. Support nature-friendly farming

  3. Advocate for system change

Sustainability is the foundation of everything 50 Ways To Cook stands for.


The benefits of being in nature are invaluable. Society has become removed from nature, with 84% of the UK living in an urban area. We aim to bring nature and food production back into our towns and cities.


Taking the time to unplug from our busy lives has so many benefits for our physical and mental health. We learn to appreciate everything nature provides - oxygen for our breath, sun for our plants, plants for our food, and wood for our homes.

We must learn to have a reciprocal relationship with nature. We can't take everything nature provides without giving back, so we teach you how you can give back to nature.


By choosing to grow food with 50 Ways To Cook, you will learn how to farm in harmony with nature. We don't use chemical fertilisers or pesticides as these damage the health of ourselves and our planet.

Alex advocates for a shift towards a circular economy. This means we must reframe 'waste' materials as objects with a purpose. Our kits (except the recycled ocean plastic planters - we're working on a solution) are 100% compostable and provide essential carbon for healthy and nutrient-rich compost. 


Alex is passionate about sharing knowledge to regenerate our natural world 🌱

The Story


Growing up, Alex has memories of his dad tending to the garden and his mum preparing meals for the family. This sparked his interest in cooking with the freshest ingredients possible. He spent much time in nature with friends and family. He values the reciprocal relationship we need to have with the land. Without it, we wouldn't be able to support ourselves. 

Without realising it, most of his jobs involved food or nature. He studied for a BSc in Human & Physical Geography, followed by a placement as a Food Ambassador with Compass Group. He delivered food workshops in primary school, which reminded him how magical vegetables are. He has just finished an MSc in Sustainable Development and now aims to empower people to eat better and support nature by growing their own food. 

After moving to Bristol, He completed a Chef course at Square Food Foundation. This improved his cooking and involved him in the Bristol food scene since working as a chef at Windmill Hill City Farm. They use ingredients from their organic farm and focus on reducing food waste and eating less, better-quality meat.

Combining all these experiences has culminated in his mission to help transform our food systems. We must work to support our communities while working with nature.

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