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Dried Mushrooms

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

4 hours


About the Recipe

Level up your cooking with mushroom powder. Drying mushrooms is not only a great way of preserving them, but it really concentrates the flavour. You can add this to dishes for an intense, earthy, umami, and almost 'meat-like' flavour - this stuff smells incredible. Furthermore, this also locks in all the nutrients within fresh mushrooms, so you won't miss out!


Mushrooms, finely sliced


  1. Slice mushrooms thinly

  2. You can either do this on a dehydrator if you have one or on a baking paper lined tray in the oven on the lowest temperature for about 4 hours

If you're intrigued by dehydration, you can read my blog about it here. What're you (dehyd)waiting for?

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