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Welcome to 50 Ways to Cook

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Growing up, I have vivid memories of my dad tending to the garden and my mum preparing meals for the family. I'm sure it was this which sparked my interest in cooking with the freshest ingredients possible. I spent a lot of time in nature with friends and family and was taught to respect the beauty of our surroundings. Without it, we wouldn't be able to support ourselves. From the materials our houses are made from, to the food we eat, the majority of what we consume comes from nature.

I'm currently studying for an MSc in Sustainable Development and created 50 Ways to Cook during the pandemic. It was originally intended to document my cooking and to cure that lockdown boredom, however, it has since evolved. Now I aim to inspire more people to get into the kitchen and cook mindfully, thinking about the ingredients they use and where they come from.

My love for food and sustainability have become intertwined during my studies and I hope to encourage you to get in the kitchen, understand where your food comes from, and learn how we can make more sustainable choices when it comes to what we eat.

I want to play my part in recovering from the climate crisis and I can best do this by helping transform our global food systems. We must work to equitably support our communities while working with nature to ensure its longevity. 50 Ways to Cook is still a work in process but I am to create resources (think recipes, guides, blog posts etc.) on how we can achieve this together.

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