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The art of cooking

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I want you to try something. Take a moment to pause, shut your eyes, and try and imagine a future without cooking. If you're like me, it sounds pretty miserable, right? It's just as dull as imagining a future without music, art, or film. All these beautiful things make life a bit more interesting.

Attest's UK future of food & drink report revealed that for 34% of Millennials, not having enough time to cook a good meal is one of their biggest daily challenges. Are we really too busy to cook ourselves a delicious meal? And why do we view this as some grand act of self-care in today's society?

With everyone leading busy lives, businesses have capitalised on this with the invention of fast food and ready meals. We have lost connection with our food, from where it comes from to how we prepare it. I have many unforgettable memories of preparing and sharing meals with friends and family and even forming new bonds with people.

The art of cooking has many benefits, from improved nutrition, saving money, and learning new skills. There is also a lot of research on the mental health benefits associated with cooking (Conner et al., 2016). I find cooking quite meditative, helping to calm my mind after a busy day. Once you get into the habit of cooking, not only do you benefit from this daily creative activity, but it also helps to boost your focus and self-esteem.

I feel a much greater sense of satisfaction when I sit down to a plate of home-cooked food as opposed to a ready meal or takeaway, and I couldn't imagine my life without it.

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