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Mystery Mix Radishes

Radishes are a cool-season crop, growing best in spring and summer. Sow direct into soil and thin out seedlings that are growing closely together and water regular in dry conditions. Sow radishes every few weeks through the summer for a regular supply. you can add the young leaves to salads as a microgreen.

Radishes are a fantastic root vegetable that everyone should try. This is a special mystery mix of multicoloured radishes which make for beautiful peppery salads.

They originate from China and have been transported through Africa, the Mediterranean, and Europe. The Ancient Greeks loved radishes so much that they offered up golden radishes to their gods.

Getting started

Make holes in the soil as deep as your fingernail. Add a couple of seeds to each hole and cover with soil. Place somewhere warm and bright like a windowsill and keep the soil moist, but not drenched.

After about 10 days when their first set of true leaves* start to grow, thin the seedlings to 5-10 cm apart.

Once your first radishes are underway, you can succession plant. By planting another lot of seeds you can have a constant supply of radishes. Yum!

*True leaves are the second set of leaves. The first set is known as the seedling leaves

Growing on

These guys like full sun to partial shade. Keep the soil moist but not sodden. Depending on your weather this may require watering every few days. Check the soil with your fingertip up to the first knuckle. Water once the top layer starts to dry out.

These spicy little guys should be ready in around 30 days after sowing.

Munch time

Often people just eat the roots, but the leaves can be eaten too! You could even leave one or two of your radishes in the soil and let them go to seed.

The seed pods can be eaten and are delicious pickled or stir fried while green and succulent. You can also save the seed for growing next year!


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