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How to use the Natural Grow Kit

Add some wholesome and affordable therapy to your routine with no experience needed. This kit contains everything you need to keep your plants alive, from seed to harvest. Simple bespoke instructions are included for each seed in the kits to help you grow the best fresh fruit, veg, and herbs possible.

This blog post provides some guidance on how you can plant your own seeds.

Preparing your compost

  1. Place your coconut coir bricks and 3/4 of your fertiliser in a large container.

  2. Add 10 litres of water and watch it expand. If you can't wait, speed it up by breaking the bricks apart

  3. Mix together and add more water if there are still dry bits. Go easy, though, you are aiming for damp rather than soaking wet.

  4. Split the compost between your pots and gently compact it. Fold over the pot so it's just above soil level and celebrate being ready to grow.

How to prepare your compost

Planting your seeds

Follow the bespoke instructions on each instruction sheet included in the kit, which will read something like this under the 'getting started' header:

  1. Sow in 2cm deep holes and cover with soil.

  2. Place somewhere warm and bright near a window and keep the soil moist.

  3. Once sprouted after about ten days with their first set of true leaves* thin to 5-10 cm apart.

How to plant your seeds

Growing on

  1. Keep the soil moist but not sodden. Depending on your weather, this may require watering every few days. Check the soil with your fingertip up to the first knuckle before watering. Only water once the top layer starts to dry out.

  2. Once plants are better established and at less risk from pests, thin again to 10 cm apart. This should be roughly the 4-week mark, or at the halfway point.

  3. Time to munch your fresh produce using the recipes you can access via the kits!

How to care for and water your plants

Shop the kit here and check out the Instagram and Facebook communities for even more growing tips 🌱

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