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How is the cost-of-living crisis impacting students?

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

I am completing my dissertation towards an MSc in Sustainable Development at UWE Bristol. I am exploring the coping strategies that UWE students have adopted in response to the current rise in food prices, and I am looking for current students to have a 15-minute chat about this.

If you're happy to help, I would appreciate it if you contact me on my uni email below!

With food prices up 14.6%, everyone is feeling the cost-of-living crisis. Research indicates that price is the most important factor for students when choosing food (Alvarez, et al. (2019). While there are bodies of research on other societal groups, there is a gap in the research on UK students.

Research conducted on student populations within American higher education institutes showed that the prevalence of food insecurity on US campuses was as high as 89.6% (Lee, et al. (2018). However, 30 out of 43 studies in this narrative review were based in America, with none in the UK.

My research aims to fill this gap by understanding students' coping strategies in response to rising food prices. I have chosen to collect qualitative data for my study as having conversations will help to understand the nuances of students' individual experiences.

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