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Beans, beans, good for the planet

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

I was the lucky recipient of the parcel pictured below. Now to the untrained eye, it may not look particularly exciting. But what if I told you it contained not one, not two, but SIX, yes, six jars of organic beans from Bold Bean Co?

I could see they’d put sustainability at the heart of their operations, so I contacted them because I was excited to learn more about the brand and the product. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I’ve already turned down a few companies who have been keen for me to promote their products because their values didn’t align with mine. However, I rigorously questioned Bold Bean Co about the sustainability of their products, and they passed with flying colours. Their sustainability credentials are excellent and align very well with my ethos.

My three tips for eating more sustainably include the following:

2. Eat less meat

These delicious beans are an excellent meat substitute, providing essential proteins and nutrients to keep you going throughout the day. Oh, did I say they’re delicious? They’re sourced from organic farms in Europe to ensure the tastiest beans possible while protecting the environment and avoiding the aviation industry for their transport.

Beans and other legumes are the ultimate source of sustainable protein. But why?

1. They are a delicious and natural alternative to eating meat. Studies show that consuming less meat is better for the environment!

2. Not only are they better for the planet, but research suggests that people consuming a diet high in beans live longer and healthier lives!

3. Legumes fix nitrogen from the air, bypassing the need for nitrogen fertilisers and reducing their carbon footprint by half. They also replenish the soil. Pretty handy, seeing as 40% of arable soil in the UK is at risk of erosion (you can read more about the importance of soil here)

Check out my homemade Bold Baked Beans recipe, or check out the Bold Bean Co website for more inspiration!

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