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Natural Growing Kit Tips

  1. When starting out, keep your seeds indoors. Your warmest and sunniest windowsill will give them the best start possible.

  2. Place your recycled ocean plastic planters on a plate, tray or similar. This will catch any water that drips through.

  3. Watering the tray instead of the top of the soil will encourage roots to grow right to the bottom of the pot and lead to stronger and healthier plants.

  4. Cut a plastic bottle in half and place over where you planted your seeds. This will help to keep them as warm and moist as possible.

  5. Plants are kind of similar to humans so think about this when placing them. They will grow anywhere but sunny outdoor locations are almost always best. If possible, try to shield them from any wind and extreme weather, bringing them indoors if there’s a chance of frost.

The new September Natural Grow Kits are launching soon... They'll include Pak Choi, Green Onions, Everbearing Strawberries, and Pea Shoots!

Check them out here.

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