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Food Sharing

A shocking 26,082 tonnes of food goes to waste every single day in the UK. If you were to split this between all the adults in the country, this would mean the average adult throws away around 500 grams of food per day.

Food-sharing apps are popping up everywhere. These apps promise you discounts on food at the end of the day, which would otherwise have been thrown away. With food prices increasing seemingly daily, not only is this a huge win for your wallet, but also for the environment!


With over 40 million users, 500 schools, and 75,000 businesses using its platform, Too Good to Go has significantly helped to reduce food waste! After downloading the app, you can connect with many of their favourite local restaurants and receive a bag of meals or basic ingredients at a fraction of the regular price. So you can save money, eat delicious food, and help the planet!


Olio is at the top of its game when it comes to wasted food. Instead of local bakeries discarding products like bread and bagels, they are picked up and posted on Olio. After starting in 2015, the project now has nearly 5 million participants in 50 countries who have shared over 27 million portions of food! Many app users have incomes below the poverty line, making it philanthropic and food-waste-friendly. In addition to sharing food, Olio users can also share other household goods.

The wonders of sharing

The sharing culture has become necessary in how people provide and access services in recent years. It's helping to bridge the gap between those with an abundance and those with significantly less. It's also an excellent way to forge meaningful connections, as we can share new experiences through food and family.

Whether companies are looking for ways to reduce food waste or families are looking for cheaper food, food-sharing apps can help bring communities together. Do you all have any favourite food-sharing apps? Let us know!

If you would like to read more about food waste, you can check out my other blogs on the topic by clicking here!

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