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Everbearing Strawberries

Did you know strawberries aren’t actually berries?

Everbearing Strawberry

Berries are technically a fleshy fruit that forms around a single stone or seeds, while strawberries have up to 200 tiny seeds on the outside!

Most strawberries only fruit for a very short period of time but theseones are a little different. These have the unique ability to produce a constant crop throughout the whole growing season.

Getting started

Make four holes in the soil as deep as your fingernail. Add two of seeds to each hole and cover with soil. Place somewhere warm and bright like a windowsill and keep the soil damp, but not drenched.

Cut a plastic bottle in half and place over where you planted the seeds. This will keep them warm and moist.

These will take two or three weeks to germinate but you’ll have your very own strawberries next summer!

Growing on

These guys can adapt to hot and cold conditions but place them somewhere where they’ll be protected from extreme wind. Place the straw included on the surface of the soil. This will protect the roots from cold weather and the strawberries from damp soil.

Flowers appear around Spring which means strawberries will follow!

Munch time

I’m sure you already know how to enjoy your strawberries...

I like mine covered in some thick cream, but you could try heating in a saucepan or microwave to create a nice warm syrup


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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